Probation Services

Probation Services, under the direction of Chief Deputy Probation Officer Patricia Olivares, includes court and field services for both adults and juveniles. Services provided for adult offenders include felony and misdemeanor investigation units and minimum to maximum supervision units. Services provided for juvenile offenders include intake, youth services, investigations, and minimum to maximum supervision units.

Business Services

Business Services is under the direction of Chief Deputy Sandra Solorzano.

  • I

    Information Technology

    The Information Technology includes Help Desk Support and Application Development.

  • F

    Fiscal Services

    Fiscal Services' focus is to provide timely, accurate, and relevant financial data.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is under the direction of Chief Deputy Patrick Neil.

  • R

    Central Records

    Central Records functions include mail courier, receptionist services and probation records maintenance.

  • C

    Clerical Support

    Includes Clerical Supervisors, Administrative Assistants, Office Assistants, Management Assistants and Legal Processing Assistants.

  • H

    Human Resources

    The unit fills vacancies of both sworn and non-sworn personnel as required, and monitors candidates’ progress from initial testing through the background investigation process.

  • P

    Professional Standards Unit

    The Professional Standards Unit conducts pre-employment background investigations.

  • T

    Staff Training

    The Staff Training Unit coordinates all outside and in-house training programs for agency employees.