Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission(JJDPC)

The JJDPC is an advocate for the best interests of children. California law directs that the superior court in each county appoint a Juvenile Justice Commission to support juvenile justice efforts. In Ventura County, the Juvenile Justice Commission also acts as the Delinquency Prevention Commission.

The Juvenile Justice section of the Commission is dedicated to promoting the welfare of all minors who come under the jurisdiction of the Court, and supporting the well-being of the youth in the juvenile justice system by encouraging fair and accountable treatment of the minors and their families.

The Delinquency Prevention section of the Commission serves to help deter Ventura County youth from entering the juvenile system.  The Commission advocates for the collaboration and coordination of public and private agencies that provide services to minors in need.

Current and ongoing commission activities

  • Arrange and conduct annual inspections of youth facilities
  • Organize follow-up meetings with appropriate agencies regarding concerns found through the annual inspection process
  • Plan and organize programs dealing with juvenile justice and delinquency prevention topics.
  • Present annual awards for outstanding service and achievement to our youth by those in government and in the community

Administrative support for the Commission's work is provided by the Ventura County Probation Agency.  Oversight is provided by the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court.

Who may serve on the JJDPC

State law dictates that no less than seven, nor more than fifteen, people may serve on the Commission.  Two positions are reserved for youth commissioners.  Basic requirements are: U.S. citizenship, residence in the county of service, and a strong desire to be an advocate for youth.

The appointment process includes completion of a written application and an interview.  Upon recommendation of the Commission, final selection and approval is made by the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court.

Adult commissioners serve four-year terms; youth commissioners serve two-year terms.  For additional information concerning JJDPC and/or apply to be appointed to the Commission click here or call 805-654-2106.

JJDPC Meetings

The public is invited to attend the Commission's regular monthly meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month at noon.  All meetings are held at the Juvenile Justice Courthouse, Courtroom J2, 4333 E. Vineyard Ave, Oxnard, CA 93036.